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Area Sales Manager - Automotive

Pune - Maharashtra

Published on 31 Mar 2021

Responsible to develop and manage a customer portfolio in line with the market or Company objectives in his / her area, in Steel Abrasives ( High Carbon Steel shots, Steel Grits, Stainless Steel Shots & Grits, Conditioned Cut Wire, Premium Mixes) used for De-sanding /De-scaling/Surface preparation in Shot Blasting application to the Foundry /Forging /Pipe coating/Steel Fabrication & structure/Shipyard Industry and Technical Services Selling.- To support business growth and to achieve the commercial plan targets in terms of volume, sales and margin.- To stabilize Turnover in the region, defend market share against Competitors, Gain market sharePosition Dimensions (Scope) (e.g. reporting structure, personnel responsibility, decision-making authority, budget responsibility)- Hierarchal Reporting to Zonal Sales Manager / National Sales Head- Customer care, Customer visits, Prospecting- Account plans, including forecasts- Commercial results: sales revenue and contribution margin- Customer Complaint management- Credit management and Cash collection- Contributions to launch products- Deploy marketing and sales Strategy, program and activities- All internal planning & reports such as (weekly planning & planning calendars, daily, weekly, monthly reports/Customer visit report/TER machine within 48 Hrs) is timely submitted to management/customer- Before negotiating with a customer, he/she ensures a full and efficient visit preparation and makes sure that he/she has all the elements to get the order. He/She checks key people's presence, announcing his / her visit and its purpose. He/She sets his/her agenda with precise objectives and key points to be treated, based on up-to-date information: past technical issues, edited reports, (training need, trials already made, past orders...) He/She knows where to go to obtain the necessary data for decision-making during negotiation.- He/She establishes in advance the price formula, mastering its elements: SCV calculation, energy cost, setting up a minimal price for each product (including transport costs). He/She also estimates the price period, right payment terms and next price review. He/She knows how to assess a customer's maximal outstandings Credit Limit. He/She is able to differentiate price according to product's rarity and to customer's size and to propose complex price offers. He makes customer aware that we treat payment as serious part of negotiation.- He/She performs an efficient negotiation, leading the flow and getting customer's agreement point by point, as defined in his agenda. Able to catch and interpret buying signals throughout the negotiation, he/she improves margins by justifying price with honesty. He/She balances arguments according to our strengths (and competitors- weaknesses). he/she leads the customer away from the price and knows how to praise and sell our offers: assistance, services, tools, Premium products, trials, trainings. He/She listens to customer's objections, note key points and treat them one by one.He/She knows how to conclude a negotiation: making a commercial proposal or setting up bases for the next discussion.- He/She is responsible for managing overdues: ensuring he/she knows who is responsible for payment in customer's accounts department and that his/her own credit control department has a direct line to the person's responsible. He/She knows how to handle overdues situations politely but firmly.- He/She provides basic technical assistance (basic machine check and process survey report) to small and medium accounts and is fully coordinated with Technical Service Technician when visiting a Key Account. In order to perform technical assistance, he/she masters internal tools and processes: Data Bases (Wade Mecum, Sales Web, ERP...). He/She also has a very good knowledge on external processes: whole cutting and/or blasting processes. He/She has a full mastery on the Technical Tools kit.- He/She reports to hierarchy with quality and collects any relevant information, including customers- suggestions or competitors- products. He/She ensures a customer follow-up on: stock control, complaints and dissatisfaction management, lost customers- follow-up...- In order to improve the organization, he/she follows the internal ordering procedure and is coordinated with Customer Service and Region/National Sales Manager. He/She creates a monthly forecast to adapt production to demand.- Able to analyze and synthesize, he/she perfectly handles complex situations. Motivated and positive, he/she conveys a trustful and professional image towards customers. He/She also shows an inquisitive behaviour, asking relevant open questions and listening actively to get relevant information.Contacts ( internal/external) :- Internal - All level of management in India & Global headquarter, Product Application team, SCM team, Accounts team- External - Customers at all levels in user group, purchasing group & management levelGROW our business in Maharashtra, Gujarat & MP & manage existing customers (
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